Wednesday, April 13, 2022


Maybe it because of covid, dealing with loss, getting older or being shooken up from all the falls; I am feeling more sentimental than usual.  Ski season ending, groups dissolving, never to be repeated in the same way ever again.  Am clinging to the daily routines and don't want it to end.  This resistence to change is likely part of my effort to self soothe.  

Good thing I've been dwelling in self soothing as I had my first mammogram yesterday and holy crap did it hurt -- Still sore the morning after!  A trainee worked with me plus I needed a few extra shots.  Many fingers crossed that I won't need to be called back by the radiologist for more of that joy.

Also managed to fail a recent health screening test, so now am signed up for an additional procedure.  Had my telephone consult and date now set.  Hard not to wonder if the relatively carefree life as I knew it will come back again.  

Am not letting all this stop me from taking steps forward.  Have trips booked.  Ordered more protective gear for snowboarding next season.  My shoulder is slowly starting to come round.  Pelvis is sorting itself out.  Dr on the mountain told me to give it another 2 weeks and am currently where I should be at the 1 1/2 week mark.  He's good.  Still hoping to avoid physio but if I need a consult I'll do it.  Paddling season is starting and I don't want to miss out.

He was also trying to convince me to come out of retirement to help him part time during the ski season.  Not likely to happen but I can see the role I could play and it would make his ability to provide timely care much easier.  Hope he'll attract a suitable candidate for next season.

Saturday, April 2, 2022


In the spirit of continually learning new things, I decided to take up snowboarding.  I had been warned and advised to take precautions as it is a steep learning curve.  Armed with padded impact shorts and wrist guards (could have used padded top and knee pads) I went for it when D finally found me an instructor.  

Have had 5 lessons and have come to a full stop this week due to a couple of injuries, one to the shoulder and the other to the pelvis closest to the tailbone.  Got to meet the Doctor on the ski hill and am glad to hear that I had been doing the right things but "maybe you have had enough snowboarding for the season...".  

I was planning on 3 more lessons next week but will snowshoe and ski instead -- both I can still do with minimal discomfort.  The season is ending and we are flying home next weekend anyways.  Feel such relief from going through with the consult.  I'm not one to complain but unfortunately know enough about about injuries to know what I was experiencing was more than just a couple of bruises.  

My bigger concern was the prospect of long term disability from these injuries, which shouldn't be the case.  Physio was recommended for 4 - 6 weeks should things not resolve in another two.  I'm actually going to consult him again for a skiing knee issue before I leave since I had such a good experience.  

Someone once told me that the warranty on the body expires at 50... I'm definitely feeling that to be the case...