Friday, April 27, 2018

Inching Forward

D has been offered a 6 month contract position, to start shortly.  He's relieved to finally be given the opportunity to be able to try this out, with enough time to get a feel for things before my planned decision time.  Update:  Just got asked if he would be available to extend to 9 months...he said yes.  So that pushes things out until early Feb '19.

In the meantime, we've been working hard at getting quotes for the sale of antiques as well as other more luxury items on consignment.  All towards the goal of selling our house, should the time come.  After much discussion, we have agreed that the main house will be sold before the cottage once neither of us are working.  We both feel that we'll eventually be drawn to the mountains out west.

Trying to sell things drums up so many emotions.  I find myself re-living the joy of the purchases, the whys, the cost, as well as the small tugs to keep instead of let go, especially when told of how much it will sell for now versus the original purchase price.

Quite a bit of embarrassment as well, when I realize just how many pairs of high heels I still own despite a previous purge, some only worn once or twice and how many more formal / cocktail dresses, purses, coats etc. are in the same boat...

I don't have any experience selling clothing on consignment, only from selling period jewelry.  It's quite sophisticated now, with online accounts and semi professional assessors who validate items.  Where they send it to, I don't know.  But it can take up to a week.  This particular spot keeps 60% -- ouch!  Although the amount of work they do to market things is impressive.  So I concentrated on the higher end stuff with them -- Gucci, Hermes, Lancel etc.

Because I've been so busy and away so much, D went on my behalf.  To my surprise, he actually volunteered.  I was actually embarrassed for him, as it is such a girl thing.  But he stepped up and brought 24 items (purses, travel bags, shoes, dresses, sunglasses, coat etc) housed in garment bags, shoe bags and duffel bags on my behalf.  Whatever doesn't sell in 90 days, I get back.  So we'll see.

Have been working on pricing / trading in / selling our cars as well.  Stemming from a loosely thought out idea of leaving simpler, less expensive ones out west and up north, as they would not be driven much should we be splitting our time between the two.  Frustrating to say the least.  All good lessons on the non glamorous consequences of consumerism.  Sure has made me think longer and harder on what I allow to come into the house now.

Plus the act of pulling out stuff, dealing with it mentally and emotionally has been tiring.  And to think that I've often thought that I do not own a lot of stuff... A (wo)man made problem.  We have also been eyeing what pieces of furniture to transfer up to the cottage, to increase comfort there.  Having piles out all over the place is not conducive to zen.  Good thing my meditation retreat is upon me.

I've modified a few of my travel plans this year as well.  Partly due to work as well as being needed at home.  Unfortunately due to timing, my trip to Norway was one of the ones that had to be sacrificed for now.  There was only one small portion of it that has been prepaid and non refundable.  Have been especially impressed with how well things work online with SAS airlines.

Having had opportunities to fly on both A350 and A380 this year, I have to say that I was not impressed with the A350.  Whereas the A380 was so great.  And I'm referencing economy class.  Been lucky this year with respect to surprise upgrades.  Got to fly in a premium cabin as well as in first when my flights to and from Seoul were oversold during the Olympics and Paralympics.  A very nice surprise and gift.

I've been tempted to forgoing my next round of Spanish lessons in Guatemala in lieu of more free flow time and self study.  It goes against my left brain to "quit" like that but my right brain is currently leading the charge.  A rather large pile of "verbos que cambio" flash cards is staring at me as I type this.  D feels I ought to give myself a break from controllable pressures.