Tuesday, April 20, 2021


I'm starting to really miss solo adventures. 

My intention is to solo camp for the week before we are scheduled to canoe camp late next month, assuming our stay at home orders aren't extended.  At this moment, it isn't looking good.  Both of our canoe course have been rescheduled already.  

However, having something to look forward to is important for my mental health.  I like to be learning, planning and moving towards something rather than dwell on what I cannot do.  Possibilities keep me enthusiatic and sane.  We've already come up with new options for our local area to check out.

I finally started delving into cooking with cast iron this month after getting an outdoor griddle.  We were originally going the Blackstone route but switched to a Camp Chef two burner system with removable griddle for more versitility.  

Had long been intimidated by cast iron cookware and the whole needing to season it etc.  Right now I only have a panini press and a 12" fry pan (8 lbs!) and having used and cleaned it a couple of times, I want more!   

The first time was a bit of mess as soon as I added some gluten free gnocchi to sauteed onions and bacon.  It had only been seasoned once.  After the 2nd seasoning, noodles did not stick and neither did tofu.  D is going to season it once more for good measure.  

Having had low ferritin, this is another way to add iron to my food in order to avoid yet another supplement.  I going to order both 8" and 10" pans to add to my collection which will also work well over a fire.  Don't think I have a need to go the dutch oven route yet.

Friday, April 9, 2021


The biggest one is D's countdown to his retirement.  He is planning for Dec 2022.  

I had wondered how he would see things when I was done, if he would feel left out?  He says that he doesn't feel left out as there is so much we cannot and shouldn't be doing still, that he might as well continue his relatively "easy" work.  Whereas I have not felt one pull towards work at all, despite not being free to do or be anywhere I'd like.  My days are full in a mostly good way.

Our province has enacted an "emergency brake" for the month of April followed by a stay at home order (not sure if people will actually listen anymore...here's hoping!), so our camping plans got cancelled.  We have reservations for May and June so fingers crossed as they coincide with canoeing classes.  Have started to make a list of things we can do should everything get cancelled this summer.  Easier to think about that now.

Fishing has been slow going.  Fortunately we both enjoy spending time outdoors.  Both of us got trout on the first day but failed to land them.  Since that early action, neither of us has had any real bites.  So all the fish crisp, seasoning and beer batter packs are sitting on the shelf waiting... And to think I had the gall to buy a sport fishing licence as the recreational limits seemed too small!

Turns out D is quite the legendary fish lure saver.  The lengths he will go to not lose a lure is nothing short of incredible.  I have never seen someone walk from under a bridge to up and over to the other side in order to get the right angle to dislodge a snag.  I was ready to cut it off and buy a new one pretty much right off the bat.  D's efforts stemmed from not being able to afford to keep buying good fishing lures as a kid. 

Our ideas of being able to head out on interprovincial road trips have pretty much disintegrated.  We are flexible enough to make something happen should things improve.  Meanwhile, have hired our building manager of the condo out west to go in and close the water on our behalf.  A relief to close that loop.  I've seriously cancelled 5 flights since Dec.  

We had wanted to head east this summer as well, to check out land for sale.  Had been in contact with a great realtor but don't expect this trip to happen either since the atlantic provinces will not likely open up to the rest of Canada without a quarantine period.  Was hoping to fly in for a week.

The whole camper van and truck camper ideas are dead as well.  Test drove an older camper van and while I could manage it just fine (D said I drove it "like a boss"), we questioned its ability to pass safety.  Newer ones are 100K+, far beyond what I would care to spend on a "fun" camping vehicle.  

We did however buy a 1 year old recreational vehicle last fall, a few months after I sold my car.  More like a tiny home (2 bed, 2 bath), too long (43 ft) to be pulled around but set on a large ravine site (larger than our home lot), 30 ft deck, with no neighbours behind or on the one side, 10 min to the beach / lake.  

Very private site for a park, tucked away at the back in the forest, 70% shaded.  If you were to stand at our driveway (length for 2 cars), you'd barely see our heads or the fire when we are sitting at the back as the land tapers slightly down.  There's enough space and sun for a vegetable container garden between the driveway and the RV as the plan is for D to work from there this summer.  

He had to drag me to see it as I wasn't keen on the whole RV park idea after attending a summer bbq at one decades ago (found it a bit claustraphobic with so many people around, minimum trees).  He had been looking for a small "home base" in that particular region for his bikepacking and mountian bike outings.  As I do neither, told him to decide for himself as I was more interested in a mobile version.

When he stumbled on this, he thought it could be a place I wouldn't mind going to as well.  He was right.  The season was ending when we became owners last fall but I spent most days that I was there outside trying to chop wood and cooking over the fire.  Something D has never seen me do in all the years we had a cottage.  

We are still not sure why this lot wasn't divided into at least two like what you imagine a typical park would look like.  Sure, there is premium site fee but well worth it in our opinion.  Only thing, it is in another health unit district, so we are subject to restrictions.  

So until that season can start, I am going to continue to focus on my conditioning and endurance.  Start carrying a pack while on the treadmill to get ready for hike-in camping etc.  And continue to declutter the house.  You know, all that fun stuff.  Honestly, it has been very gratifying to donate and clear house.  I know many started on that road a year ago but as usual, I'm often late to the game.