Monday, September 29, 2008


Thank you for being patient with me as this is a new venture and outlet of creativity and a way to give back as I have learned much from fellow bloggers.

On my quest to live my best life, I've been stumped by the constant barrage of societal messages of buy, buy, buy in order to be happy. I grew up with definate ideas and images of what North American life was supposed to be about--mainly what can hard work and money get you. I saw it as a formula. I wasn't old enough to analyze the merits of it nor did I observe whether the formula worked because everything looked so good...on the outside.

Once I started questioning how things were done and distinguishing how many beliefs trap people into a subservent life, I started managing my own life more actively and mindfully. My goal became one where I was going to "outsmart" the "system" and carve my middle road in between the extremes in a way that doesn't deprive while making the most of the good opportunities available in a first world society.