Thursday, September 28, 2017

Long Days

  • D has been to the ER twice this month (turning 50 has been rough...).  Mountain bike related and now is dealing with a fractured heel and an air cast for 6 - 8 weeks.  His check in with the ortho fracture clinic is in a  week.  Hoping to hear that it is just a matter of time and no more.
  • So glad we got D's CT results the day before I was due to travel.  Trying to get back home would have been even more stressful, had I made it all the way to Hong Kong.  The airline (Delta) was great and has given me the full value of the ticket to use without penalty.  The challenge is finding time to squeeze another trip in.
  • Another couple of car related maintenance issues out of the blue -- brakes and battery.  We found it incredible how you can have no sign (feel or sound) that brakes are getting close to needing replacing and then suddenly be metal on metal.  My car battery has been drained from my audio/video/gps unit malfunctioning and not turning off.  It will need a tow if a boost doesn't work.  Oh, and she is in the garage. 
  • D has been pushing 70 hr weeks since Feb.  It has caused numerous disruptions to our summer and fall schedules.  He is so tired and understandably house maintenance this year has suffered as a result.  We actually returned all the large drums of asphalt sealant to the hardware store and postponed things until next summer.  
  • My work has been extra busy.  Am at the point where I may need to put a hold on new work.  Brain is feeling tired.  
  • Emotions have been raw since arriving home and finding out an earthquake affected Mexico City just minutes before.  Not for myself, but for those I were in contact with.  The swing from the exhilaration of el Dia de la Independencia to such destruction is severe.