Monday, January 22, 2018


  • It's done -- D gave his notice and will be ending the full time chapter of his working life in another 3 weeks. 
  • For the first time since I've known him, he doesn't have anything else lined up.  He's going to coast for while, take time to recover from those many long working months and see if a shortish contract position comes up as he'd like to try it out for size.  
  • Our original "date" for him to end full time work was supposed to have been Aug '18.  We continue to discuss the ramifications of this change along with many alternate visions for the future.
  • I had saved up for my 2018 year's registered account but won't deposit it yet, so we will have at least 6 months of monthly expenses without having do anything out of the ordinary with my income or other savings accounts.
  • In the meantime, I will be experimenting with up to another 3 weeks off, to see if it can satisfy my desire for more time, without outright being done with work just yet.  
  • I'm frustrated with the amount of time I waste and want an opportunity to do better within the already rather liberal "confines" of my current schedule.  Know a number of much busier people who manage to juggle way more things than I.
  • Although I have to admit, with D being done soon, I am feeling the pull to also be done.
  • My hair is at the perfect length for another cut and donate in the spring.  Wish to continue to do this until I no longer meet the requirements of this program ( > 5% grey or coloured).  
  • Even though I track the 3 strands of grey that has popped up in the same area the last 5 - 6 years, I'm still taken back those instances when I happen to notice them all at the same time.  A visual reminder of my mortality.
  • My eyes have held well.  Still considered 20 - 20 vision with my right eye better at close and left better at far.  Apparently you have to pay extra to make them that way when going for laser eye surgery.  Doesn't make sense to me.  Would rather they be identical as I notice the difference and it doesn't feel like a benefit.
  • My new MD seems quite competent.  Will know more when we get together to discuss my health status at our next meeting.  My blood lipid levels are up so her reactions to the numbers will tell me about her leanings re:  traditional medical management.
  • My lipid levels have in the past spiked during times of stress.  Whether long term damage has been done is more the direction of inquiry I would like to take.
  • It was a challenging week of Spanish in Guatemala.  I was assigned a different teacher who is more old school and a real stickler for grammar thus learned a lot of nuances and details that filled in some gaps.  Easily 8+ hours a day worth of work. 
  • I have one more session in Guatemala booked in a few months and it will likely be my last as I now have some tools to continue on independently for the next little while.  
  • Should I decide to go back, I will be looking for a difference place to stay.  The apartment I have been renting has jumped up in price, double plus, and I won't pay it. 
  • The owner has been influenced and perhaps changed by her new boyfriend who happens to be Norwegian.  I don't think she could have found a more contrasting nation financially to be exposed to.  
  • After spending time in his home city, I sense the perception of her time and worth has shifted.  Whether the demand will be there for her rentals at the new asking price, the market will determine.  I can understand how hard it would be to not feel dissatisfied when faced with the generalize wealth and apparent ease of life that emanates there.
  • Lucky me will finally get to return to Norway this fall.  To a region I've longed to see.  

Adjacent to Parque Central, Antigua Guatemala 
with Volcan de Agua in the background, dusk