Thursday, November 19, 2009

Year End Utilities Review

D keeps track of monthly utilities via a spreadsheet. His year end summary showed the financial gains we made from our frugal changes over the year.

Here they are.

  1. Main House Hydro & Water -- down 19.98%. We have moved away from using our energy star dishwasher to hand washing most days. We manual turn on and off our electric hot water heater as we have found one charge can last a few days. A mild summer meant next to no air conditioning usage. (Average $105.69/mnth for a 2880 sq ft home built in 1854 that has been completely updated and restored)
  2. Main House Gas -- down 8.14%. Our thermostat last winter was kept at 69 degrees F as the high when there was someone home and off at nights. We are aiming for a high of 68 F this year. Depending on how damp the air is, there are days where 63 F doesn't bother me and other days, I'm freezing. They are saying it will be milder winter... (Average $78.32/mnth)
  3. Main House Phone & Internet -- down 14%. We changed service providers to a small local company from the large conglomerate. (Average $60.69/mnth)
  4. Car Insurance -- down 9.62% --Despite trading in an older car for a newer one. (Average $144.10/mnth for 2 cars, 1997 Honda CRV & 2005 Honda Civic Coupe)
  5. Cottage Hydro -- down 7.80% -- Having a temperate summer meant no need for air condition here either. (Average $30.15/mnth for a 700 sq ft one storey structure that isn't as well built as our house)
  6. Cottage Gas -- down 11.20%. We didn't go up as often during the winter because of terrible road conditions. This winter, we are planning to not go up as often either. We are trying out the concept of using keeping it seasonal and seeing if we like it better. Gives us more time to enjoy our home. (Average $16.05/mnth)
  7. Toll Road -- down 12.53%. We have been experimenting with going to the cottage via various back roads. It takes 1/2 hr to 45 min longer but we get nicer scenery and no road fees. We didn't come up with the idea until the end of the summer so next year we'll get a whole season benefit to look forward to. I draw the line when it gets dark early. Winding through pitch black country roads with lots of animals around at night isn't my idea of fun. (Average $10.56/mnth)

Total money savings translated to $702.46 for the year.

When we were doing the cottage insurance shuffle this past summer, the was a 2 month spike in expenses. When we got fed up with the Brokers and changed back, the costs went back down.

The monthly fees at the ski condo went up a couple of percent to $138.76 which includes hydro, heat and water. I still feel it is a great deal and can't wait until the day I move in there full time.

Thanks D, for keeping track!

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