Friday, June 29, 2018


I say goodbye to my vehicle next week when she gets traded in for a 2012 Subaru Outback.  It cost an extra $3800 out of pocket to make it happen.  Other expenses will include floor mats, winter tires and rims.  Hoping to find the rims used.  Have my winter tires and rims to sell as well.

Will definitely miss driving my SUV.  It will be a difference of over 200 horsepower the level of finishes including quality of vehicle glass.  Incredible how well mine blocks out heat without being dark.  I very much appreciate great engineering and design.  So am reverting back to vehicle purpose to be getting one safely from A to B along with performance in the snow.   I did get to enjoy her for the last 7 years.

Car insurance will only drop a couple hundred or so a year as both vehicles are considered very safe despite the big difference in vehicle cost.  But we will be back to using regular gas and gas mileage will increase significantly.  Now that the cottage won't be part of our lives much longer, the longer drives won't be either.  We'll be turning in our 407 transponders (toll highway).

New news with respect to cottage sale.  Got a request from the buyers to move up the closing date by 1 1/2 weeks.  We don't have a problem with that and in fact prefer it.  D will only need to go back up once more to complete everything.  Our lawyer confirmed it is possible timing wise so we are awaiting paperwork to amend the agreement.

Currently considering making a change with D's car as well, to something more practical (higher clearance) to eventually leave out west.  Found another possible choice and will head out of town for a viewing, assuming it is still available.  Same brand of vehicle I was supposed to test drive last month when it sold.

Sold a couple more handbags.  Have a few fall items to bring in when the time comes.  They had been "pre-approved" with the summer lot so are good to go.  Constitutes the last of my luxury items.  Currently have a couple still listed that are at the higher end I'm hoping will sell before their time runs out (all items have a 3 month expiry).  Will consider marking them down.

D had been organizing household items for a garage sale.  It will be his solo endeavor because I'm not into it.  Because of all the stuff that has been going on, it hasn't happened yet.  He's still committed to it for July/Aug.  Any proceeds will go towards his next volunteer trip.  I'd really like him to experience a Habitat Global build. 

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