Sunday, February 26, 2017

Let's Begin

It has been a good start to the year.  I'm still nursing a few aches and pains leftover from Nepal but believe I'll eventually get there.  Have had a few shorter trips and have gone into them with minimal stress and have come back inspired.  What more could I ask for?

Work has deliberately become slightly more part time over the past year.  I decided to not work with some people and have thus eliminated a source of stress as well as some income (around 10K) -- Well worth it, in my book.  My taxes are done and my investments should be completely transferred to my new self directed account by next week.

D has bought another bike (mountain) and is still enjoying his work, which he still describes as significantly less intense compared to his last position.  That doesn't mean he doesn't have busy periods -- He's in an extended one right now.  However he has come to a conclusion that he doesn't want to do contract work after full time work ends in just under 5 years.  He wants a complete break from it all.

I'm finding myself needing to make a strong concerted effort to stem the flow of interruptions and demands that the digital age seem to throw at us.  I don't enjoy feeling like I ought to be checking things all the time.  Or not being able to fully relax because I need to be primed should I get pinged.

I know of people who thrive on those types of demands and in providing the required quick responses but I find it exceedingly stressful.  When I am not working, my cell phone is off.  I'll turn it back on if I need to send D a message, but that's it.  My biggest online usage continues to revolve around the guilty pleasure of travel learning and planning.  I have a super fun year in store.

When I'm away from wifi or cell phone service, I discover how nice it is for my mind.  And when I return home, I find myself more and more resistant to jumping back in.  I do get drawn back fairly quickly though but I have pulled away from sites like Facebook.  And accept that I will miss things and that's OK.  Especially in the midst of what is going on in the world.  I just don't need all that negative chatter.

Finally, a few photos of where I've been this year.

Head of a monster 200 kg tuna -- Tsukiji market, Tokyo

Akihabara, Tokyo

Athletes at the World Para Snowboard Championships -- Big White, BC

Glowing Athletes!

Inside the gorgeous Palais Garnier, Paris 

Saw the "Tree of Codes" here, Wayne McGregor ballet

Facade of Palais Garnier