Thursday, March 23, 2017


In Tokyo, I learned pretty quick that I did not have what it took to slurp noodles up like everyone I ate with at a ramen bar.  The times I tried, soup flew all over my face.  Fortunately the Japanese people are too polite to notice and laugh at me.  Totally understandable had they, though.

After another attempt, I eventually found a noodle in the outer pocket of my purse, stuck to my phone... Honestly don't know how people did it and not get it all over their white business shirts! Impressive.  Predictably, I gave up after that.

The city appealed to me instantly and I right away regretted waiting so long to visit despite connecting through many times, due to being intimidated by their metro map.  And like in most instances, the reality wasn't near as dire as my mind made it out to be.  So please don't be like me and go!

I loved the formality, the politeness, the orderliness, quietness even at busy intersections.  Don't know who tunes their trucks and cars but they are not only pristine but are near silent, even the diesels.  We need that team here in many parts of Canada.

The food is expectantly great and filling, even in budget places.  Couldn't eat or try near as many things because of that.  And surprisingly not as expensive as I had anticipated.  No surprise that I'll be returning soon for another short stay.  Can't wait!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

For Real

You know how you can feel it when someone really means something?

Well, in the past few months, D has been genuinely grateful for the life we get to live.  In fact, it oozes from him.  He has said similar in the past, but I've never felt it resonate as true as it does now.  It's like he has suddenly seen our life in 3D, how everything plays together and stacks up.

I'm not entirely sure if his leaving the last workplace has been the cause of his realization, now that the fog has lifted?  It's easy to not be able to appreciate or see things clearly when mired in stress.  I certainly can relate to that.  Or have things finally come together enough to be truly recognizable?

I have to admit that most of the drive to create has stemmed from my vision and he has been happy to follow along.  D doesn't enjoy planning nor the extended discussions as much as I do.  He isn't the dream ahead, big picture kind of guy and has admitted that he has not allowed himself to wish so broadly.  His strength is with participating in the execution.

I'd be lying if I didn't also admit that I've wished I had more help in the dreaming, planning and fleshing out parts.  Often I've felt like I was the only one coming up with ideas and ways to get there. Fortunately I am not easily deterred and can drive on without encouragement or support if I believe in something strong enough.

His response has given me a lot of gratification as executing a great life has taken years in the making and at times, I've felt like I have been the only one truly believing in "the plan".  Although D has stated he was on board, the detached sense I sometimes got from him has made me question whether what I believed to be a solid and well thought out path was truly good for both of us.

Because I've been the one who has pushed the discipline with saving etc. there has been extended years of me feeling like the "bad guy".  Not a role I cherished especially when I felt like he didn't appreciate the sheer amount of time and work I was spending on creating.  It has been a struggle of wills at times.

You can imagine how good it feels to be recognized for my ongoing efforts, to see his enthusiasm and feel the joy in his voice.  He really gets it now and wants it too.

For me, I feel amazement at how our lives have unfolded despite the down portions.  It has superseded any expectations and ideas either of us have had along the way.  My gratitude and appreciation has rarely been higher.