Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bogota -- Photo Heavy...

Views from Monserrate

Lots of examples of street art.  
It is a respected thing there and police have been known to stand in protection of artists.
Huge contrast from Palestine.

Were these little guys ever cute.  How they managed to be so well trained is beyond me.
If you could only hear the level of noise on the street.
You place your coin bets on top of the houses and if they go into it, you win.

Lots of these cell phone minute vendors around the city.
For people who don't own a phone and wish to make a call, local or long distance.

Outside of the Paloquemoa market.  
This market was a real highlight for me.

I had the best shake made from that giant green fruit -- Guanabana.

Don't judge an orange by its colour there.  The greener ones are sweet!

Oh, the amount of money I'd have to pay for one of those papayas here in Canada...

I have never seen the need for such close egg size distinctions!!

Incredibly rich fruit shakes

It's obvious I'd never make it as food photographer.
I only remember to take a photo once I've mixed things up and take a bit or two...

On Sundays, major roads are close to cars -- Ciclovia!
Vendors line the roads selling snacks.  People walk, bike, roller blade.  Fantastic time!

This was the only food miss.  I thought it was some kind of coffee flavoured mousse.
Turned out it was a tough marshmallow thing and I could barely pull the stick out.  
Ended up having to just bite it. Horribly sweet. 

Walls of lottery tickets for sale.

Poster against the privatization of electricity.

Fantastic photo exhibit of the work women do in remote villages.