Thursday, June 16, 2016


I harboured a vague notion of how cool it would be to live my days cycling with the rising and setting of the sun.  To become one with nature's frequencies and rhythm.  To adapt to a less rushed, more organic way of living...

Reality hasn't always matched my vivid internal hopes and dreams.  Thankfully there have been many moments where it has superseded the most optimistic ideals.

You won't find as many big game animals in Uganda compared to
some of the other more popular safari areas in Africa because during 
Idi Amin's reign, members of his army and villagers alike starved 
and had to resort to killing and eating game animals to survive. 

Great strides have been made to rebuild and preserve their parks,
as well as continuing to target poachers.

The authorities realized it was smarter, in the long run to preserve.
As we were told, they stood to make more money for projects from
showing a monkey 100 times rather than killing and eating it once.

6:30 am sunrise along the banks of the Nile River,
awaiting the first ferry of the day.

I know this is very hard to see, but was trying to capture 
(understandably without flash),  one of the hippos who came up 
from the banks of the Nile to the camp to eat the grass.
A girl I met while brushing teeth (open air washrooms) were 
heading back to our tents when we almost walked into it.  
We were within 3 ft.  It was silent when moving, but a crazy loud eater!
We discovered just how effective our leaping back reflexes were...

You can kind of make out its back side.  
For scale, the height of the hippo was about 5 ft.
Absolute highlight of the trip.
That and being chased by a baby warthog at the camp also.
Those little guys come at you like bullets!
Yes, you could choose to stay at a place where a manned and 
secured perimeter is provided, but where is the fun in that?