Monday, December 31, 2018

Year End

Can't say I am upset that this year has come to its end.  Am ready for a new beginning even thought it is really just a continuation.  Thankful for all the plans I put in place as it provided the necessary interruption and break from everyday life.

Next year's broad stroke themes are in place.  Have a ways to go still but feeling like I'm slowly getting caught up, with myself and with life.  Thankful to be at a point in time where I am towards the end of my career and can afford to slow down.

The breakthrough being no longer feeling guilty about it.  Will be taking almost the entire month of February off, something I've been wanting to do for decades.

Will continue to be patient and gentle with myself.  With no real ambitious or difficult plans (still lots of travel) until the thought of them doesn't immediately exhaust.

Wishing Peace and Ease to everyone.

A City worker clearing raw sewage from a stream in central Jakarta

A city that has (mal?)adapted to its main clientele...Chiang Mai, Thailand

Reflection at Fushimi Inari-taisha, Kyoto Japan