Wednesday, April 27, 2016


For the sake of my sanity and work schedule, I've had to say no to a pretty cool opportunity to do some work in another disaster recovery area of the world.  This was a project I had hoped to be have been involved with last year, but it got cancelled due to political reasons.

About a month ago, I got an email letting me know it was going to be a go this fall.  Of course I got all excited and immediately started to see what I could do to make it happen.  Since the news, it has been a month of such mental torture for me trying to justify, modify, push my way to a solution. I was literally giving myself headaches and bad sleep.

Feeling much relieved since I declined.  D has stepped up and will be joining the team.  I can't be more excited for him as this will be his first experience volunteering overseas and is a difficult one to start with, as the conditions are super basic (no running water, bring your own tent etc.) but he is up for the challenge.

I'll be in the country as well as I had flights booked since last Dec but our timing will be off by about 1 1/2 weeks.  Will be in another recovery area, very different and more remote.  As much as it would have been great to share a single experience together, I feel it will be special to be able to watch things unfold separately.  

Am also proud to announce that I made a change to my travel schedule for the better.  Better meaning easier and more nurturing.  I have been feeling emotionally tired still and finally admitted that I needed a re-charge.  Things were going fine at work etc. but felt like I was lagging a bit inside, somewhat detached, out of sync as well.  Nothing really serious but just slightly off.  

Even though what I had planned wasn't "crazy" or extreme, it was stressing me out with the amount of preparation I was anticipating.  So I cancelled it and replaced it with a tried and true. Outside of overindulging on rich foods, I feel centered and totally in my body, if you know what I mean.  It was perfect for me, just what I needed.  Good to be reminded of some of the best of human development.