Thursday, March 23, 2017


In Tokyo, I learned pretty quick that I did not have what it took to slurp noodles up like everyone I ate with at a ramen bar.  The times I tried, soup flew all over my face.  Fortunately the Japanese people are too polite to notice and laugh at me.  Totally understandable had they, though.

After another attempt, I eventually found a noodle in the outer pocket of my purse, stuck to my phone... Honestly don't know how people did it and not get it all over their white business shirts! Impressive.  Predictably, I gave up after that.

The city appealed to me instantly and I right away regretted waiting so long to visit despite connecting through many times, due to being intimidated by their metro map.  And like in most instances, the reality wasn't near as dire as my mind made it out to be.  So please don't be like me and go!

I loved the formality, the politeness, the orderliness, quietness even at busy intersections.  Don't know who tunes their trucks and cars but they are not only pristine but are near silent, even the diesels.  We need that team here in many parts of Canada.

The food is expectantly great and filling, even in budget places.  Couldn't eat or try near as many things because of that.  And surprisingly not as expensive as I had anticipated.  No surprise that I'll be returning soon for another short stay.  Can't wait!

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