Saturday, June 23, 2018


I recently got over a monster of a cold that had me cycling from one fever to the next and sleeping 10 - 12 hrs daily for a solid 5 days.

It was something and luckily, due to the timing, I only had to miss a day of work.  Could have been a lot worse.  Pretty sure it was the 3rd work day I've ever missed due to illness.

The timing of it could be seen as a coincidence, however just as likely to be one of those things that have been known to happen after large worries and stressors fall away, exposing the effects of deep chronic strains on the immune system. 

  • D confirmed that the lack of water described by our Realtor was due to the breaker being turned off to the pump.  Once on, all was well.
  • The results of the water test we wanted done came back perfect. 
  • We didn't have to go through with the water testing as it was not a condition of the sale but wanted to for ethical reasons.  We braced for any potential bad news that would mean a new water filtration system, pump or worst case, a new well. 
  • It still bothers me that perspective real estate buyers in a competitive market have to compromise so much in order to "win".  The offer we didn't want to engage with, that had a lot of conditions was the type of offer I would go in with, and have gone in with.  
  • People are feeling like they have to carry all the risk to get what they want.  Leaves them potentially vulnerable to nasty surprises.  It's a risk I wouldn't want and because of that, wouldn't engage.  And the ones who are being careful, like I would be, are losing out.  I feel bad about that.  
  • Having a high enough volume of people go through the cottage meant floors were dirty and bedroom carpets (off white) left pretty soiled.  D will steam clean before closing. 
  • Our lawyer's office has received the agreement and have officially started working on our end.
  • I completed my course required by a volunteer agency.  Am not truly done as the material requires repetition.  Will give myself some time off before starting again.  
  • Have put my Spanish studies on the back burner so would like to catch up again this summer.  Fortunately our teachers and others we know in Guatemala made it through the eruption alright.
  • A few more consignment items sold -- Two purses, a pair of heels and a skirt.
  • I have the next 2 months off of travel.  Am excited to hang out at home this summer.
  • Not having a lot of success digging up older receipts related to cottage capital expenses -- Towards the calculation of the adjusted cost base.  
  • My fault for not separating them and the real early receipts have been shredded.  And calls to the plumber etc.  have not been fruitful as they only have the last 7 years of receipts.
  • So the number I have for capital gains tax is likely the one we live with.

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