Saturday, October 14, 2017


Learned something interesting this summer while we were away -- My job is more taxing mentally than 4 consecutive hours of private Spanish lessons a day for 5 days.  Whereas an hour of private salsa lesson is harder than my treadmill workout.

When I signed up for all that, I felt apprehensive about my potential concentration level, the amount of energy I'd need, whether it was a mistake to spend summer holidays at school, and if I'd regret not having a more leisurely time.  But, I had also reached a point where not knowing the language beyond the super basics was hindering my future plans.  So it was time to go for it.

In the end the only thing that stood out was the structure that existed with having set class times.  Not used to that much scheduling during vacation so it was less relaxing because of it.  And obviously the daily homework.  Feet hurt from dance -- First real test since my injury.

Ended up with 2 top notch teachers.  Got way more out of both classes than I could have imagined.  My Spanish teacher just started talking to me and because I wasn't going to answer in just "yes / no" or with basic replies, it forced me to learn so I could answer with the depth and variety as if I was speaking to someone in English.  The hours just flew and I wasn't tired at the end.

D opted for 2 hours a day and I could hear that he had had enough by the end of it.  He was a trooper though as I tried to convince him to just lay low for the duration but he didn't want to miss out on the opportunity.  Whereas he was a definite no-go for salsa -- D is not a dancer...

I've had 3 ballroom instructors in Canada and none of them comes close to the one I had in Antigua, Guatemala.  Really pushed me.  And she happens to specialize in "lady styling".  So hard to make it look easy and natural but I so want to learn more from her.

Originally wanted to take 2 hours a day but thankfully I dialed it back because it would have flattened me.  It was private ballet lesson hard.  None of my previous ballroom teachers ever challenged me as much as she did.  Absolutely loved it.  Lit a fire.

Absolutely worth flying down to Guatemala just to learn.  Will be back 2 more times in '18.  And trying to carve time to continue my studies at home.  D started Skype lessons with my Spanish teacher.

We've paid for 20 hours but I haven't used any of it yet.  Not sure if I will or not.  Been too preoccupied with other things.  Good thing I'm good with self study.  Have Spanish movies on as background occasionally to keep the language up in my mind.

Incidentally I found the Spanish spoken in Mexico city quite difficult to understand.  So fast and not a lot of space that my ear could detect in between words.  Felt quite discouraged right away and ended up leading with "thank you for your patience, I just started learning Spanish recently...".

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