Thursday, October 12, 2017

Exit Plans

As you can imagine, frustration levels are high in D's world right now.  He's not back in Nepal to volunteer like he had intended to be.  Our summer holidays had to change again and again (it did end up pretty great in the end).  All our fall weekend plans were shot.

Then he breaks his heel and my travel plans got cancelled so he feels horrible about that.  He's had to work from home and knows that despite his best efforts, the negativity from work seeps into our space.

There's finally some changes coming down the pipe at his work that is supposed to help.  I'm not optimistic but he actually is.  Can't believe he has lasted this long as his typical pattern is to try and switch to yet another position.  But this time he has stuck it out and I've never seen him work like this.  I'm calling it "back end load" with respect to his career journey.

We sat down to devise a worst case plan for him and it looks like this:

  • His last day of work at this current position will be end of Aug '18.  
  • We will have 2 months expenses as a head start saved extra and I will handle everything financially from that point.
  • He will work on getting our main house into "show condition".


  • D won't be able to find another work opportunity.
  • His current work environment and load does not improve.

Basically, we will not tolerate his current work scene indefinitely.  Our quality of life is suffering.  August '18 was chosen as we both have obligations up to then but won't commit to anything beyond until we know more.  We had originally thought as early as end of this year but it won't work for a number of reasons.

As for the cottage, I want it up on the market next spring and just deal with the capital gains if and when it sells.  I spent all of 1 night up there this year and no longer wish to go back.  Have let it go from my mind and want it gone but will keep the kayaks.

We had a real estate assessment and to our surprise, the suggested selling price was 40K higher than we would have guessed.  In my mind, that more than covers the added capital gains and netting what I expected.

Now I've only done a basic calculation and we may no longer have receipts for many of the capital improvements... As you can probably tell, this is more an emotional decision.

D argues it is very inexpensive to keep it going and he will take responsibility for the continued maintenance of it... yup, with all that extra time he seems to have... In the end, he won't stand in the way if selling it is what I want.

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