Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Goal

For most of the people I met along the way the goal was to get to here.  Me?  I chose to see if from the water and opted to spend even more time on nearby waters instead.  Wasn't expected to be moved by this place but I was.  There was a palpable difference in energy even from this far away. 

 I've been wanting to see a Puffin for ages!  (Right up there with the Northern Lights)
They were so cute and smaller than I'd imagined.
Don't let my non existent bird photography skills fool you into thinking there weren't many birds.
At that time of year, there are at least 800000 - 1.2 million of them there. 
You need to have very fast shutter speed because the boat bobs up and down quite a bit and a great zoom lens.  Didn't have either so pictures are blurry.

The sound was incredible!  Extremely fortunate to not get pooped on.


Reindeer still with their winter coats (end of June). 
This was taken around 1:30 pm.  Not fog, but low lying cloud, typical of area.

Reindeer with more of their summer coats. 



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    1. So do you! I wish I could spend more time each visit though, like you can.