Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In Parallel

It seems like since we came home from out west, Ontario has pulled out all the stops to remind us why it is a worthy place.  We've had sublime temperatures, bright sun for more than a week, and people seemed to be extra smiley. 

Even our cottage neighbours have been extra friendly.  One of them gave me a huge hug and kiss (both cheeks) and told me that even though she hasn't seen me much, I was in her heart.  (She was the first person I encountered with my Realtor and when asked about the community, gave me a 30 min tour of her cottage.)

D and I have been walking more which always helps me think and decompress.  Ended up re-discovering our community weekend market and some great new vendors instead of venturing to our usual regional one.  There are so many aspects to making an educated decision.

One thing we have ruled out (yet again) in all this is our previous desire to move out into the country.  Funny how looking at much more expensive real estate elsewhere with relative lower "value" makes our local prices seem "cheap". 

I would miss my walks to the various establishments (supermarkets, drug store, library etc) way too much to exchange for more outside space, privacy and quiet.  Having to drive everywhere in exchange wouldn't be ideal for me.  Plus being chased and bit by mosquitoes and various assorted flies were deterrent enough during our open house visits -- Now there's the real truth!  Reliable internet we found, has also been an issue.

Work has been steady and I am really appreciating the flexibility it affords me with being able to call the shots.  I've also been diligently learning the ins and outs of the other offices I've interviewed with to acquaint myself with the way they do things because if I end up there, I'd be following their rules. 

One unexpected opportunity has come about.  My buddy completely freaked me out by offering me the extra space available in his office.  He did caution me to sit down first before he told me.  This option would allow me to work very similarly to what I have now. 

I've given myself a few weeks to digest this possibility.  My biggest concern is our friendship.  He doesn't believe it would be an issue as we'd never be in the office at the same time and because we are both concerned about it, we'd have a head start on any potential issues.  I've been asking him some progressively difficult questions (as I would for any office) as I need to be sure of his motivation.  It has to be a great business decision for both of us.

Pleased to have finally met his wife after all these years of hearing about her.  Vice versa I later found out.  Apparently he thinks we are similar in character.  After meeting her I'd say there are similarities but I'm no where as driven as she is with respect to career. 

She's on the board of almost everything medical and is passionate about changing the system to be more patient friendly and protective.  Struggling with various health challenges has not dampened her will at all.  He was accurate in describing her as a "race horse". 

Felt downright lazy in comparison and I know she (or he) wasn't totally getting our desire to retire early and travelling far.  Their very bright and energetic daughter couldn't get enough of D.  They've openly expressed how great it would be if we'd move into their neighbourhood (Entry price 720K and we're talking suburbs so not likely).  We are looking forward to seeing them again soon.


  1. I have to agree with your idea of buying something where you are able to walk to everything. I was in Calgary this week and stayed with a friend who lives downtown and I have to say it was amazing to step out to the path along the river and go running, walk to get groceries, and go for dinner and walk home, therfore not worrying about having had a glass or two of wine. It was great and I will seek that on my next move.

    1. We've debated back and forth with this one over the years because as much as I love space, quiet and no neighbours, it is awfully cool to be able to do just what you've described. I'm sure we would vacillate between being tired of all the people and city noise and being pumped up and loving it.