Saturday, August 24, 2013

Continued Thoughts

Regardless of whether we end up moving or not, our current level of initiative has been quite fruitful.  We've donated about 6 large bags worth of quality clothing, 1 banker's box worth of books and started with general decluttering.  That has felt really good.  Win-Win either way.

D got another job offer yesterday and we are gradually being convinced that contract might be the better way to go and the only way to go if I decide to head back to school.  He was offered more than he would get paid here but not enough to make up for not having a pension or me not working.  Work - Life balance is much better though. 

Here's what we would like/need to see for this to work on paper:
  • More income (D) to counter the increase cost of living and my potential reduced income.
  • Housing costs (purchase) need to be parallel to what we would be selling our house for.  The proceeds of the cottage sale is to be banked.  This will mean downsizing to condo/townhome.
  • The sale of my office assets will pay for my potential tuition and/or rent of new office.
  • Cost of housing rental no more than current running costs.
  • One of us to be self employed to maximize tax benefits.
  • Reduce to 1 car.  Not sure if we will sell existing, fly out and buy new one there or ship one out at a cost of around 1K.  Apparently trying to sell car from Ontario out west may not be the best idea because the impression is we use more salt in the winter and people out there are leery it will mean more rust.
  • Relocation package would be awesome but tends to come with full time positions, not contract from what we've seen.
Why so cautious?  Because I want to minimize financial stress and make this transition enjoyable.  There is no need at this stage of our lives to take undue risks when we don't need to.  I still believe we can get "ahead" if we shift expectations and build in enough leeway with our choices. 

But, there is no way to avoid the fact I will be putting in more hours a week whether it ends up being school or new work environment.  Still not sure how I feel about it.  Better than my initial reaction, that's for sure.  I'm in the "excited about a new challenge" phase of things.  Been requesting old transcripts and exam results from everywhere just in case.


  1. "...if I decide to head back to school."

    I thought I was paying attention in my blog reading, but apparently not. I don't seem to recall anything mentioned before about going back to school.

  2. It was almost an afterthought kind of mention in a mid Aug post. Part of our thinking outside the box brainstorming session. Why not a new or extension of old career as I figured I had bought myself some time and there is no strong need for to have to enter the work force right away? I'll elaborate more on this train of thought in an upcoming post.