Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Finally, The Big Reveal

Oil Museum, Stavanger

Scaled model of off shore oil rig.  Had no idea it was truly a mini city.
There is one movie towards the end of the exhibits showing a day in the life of a deep sea diver that was fascinating.
A big part of their work week is spending 3 - 4 days in a decompression chamber post dives. 

A couple of lovely cafes in Stavanger. 
A cappuccino (or mocha in my case) and a dessert (hazelnut mousse) will cost about $23 Cdn.


When you get to the top of the Floyen (Bergen), there are numerous hiking trails.
Outside of the obvious sign back to the funicular, the other ones did not help at all.
Didn't match the map...So just retrace your way back if you don't think you are on a loop trail.

Considered one of the most scenic railway routes in the world.

Most people ride their mountain bikes down the Rallarvegen from Myrdal.
If you travel before the main season begins ie. June, you can hike it without worry of being run over. 

Where the goats live.

Flaam is quintessential Norway

Finally in Honningsvag!

Those dots are all birds.

More blurry Puffins!  A new camera is on my list.

Stockfish is the far North's main industry. 
Tourism is much further down in Honningsvag.

Polaria Museum, Tromso

Fantastic exhibit detailing Roald Amundsen's time with the Sami people and all he learned from them.

Such a compact and well detailed ship. 
Would love an opportunity to sail on one of these.
Felt like I was intruding upon someone's personal space when peering into the berths.

Cool hotel, Tromso

Moody Lofoten Islands

Low tide

Notice the animials on the roof, placed there to keep the grass trimmed...

On my way to Nusfjord -- No pictures as camera battery, drained from the cold temps
while on the Barents Sea earlier, gave me enough juice for this one last shot.
Look it up online.  You'll find better pictures than I could take anyways.
There is a great 2nd storey general store there.

And this special place?


The Sami people consider this a sacred area and used to perform ceremonies there.

Here's a gorgeous and informative video of the area.

Full Screen & Sound recommended.

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