Thursday, July 18, 2013

Totally Random

Each day of the last 2 weeks have felt like 4.  Super productive but also super tiring.  Add to it the heavy humid heat outside (we've been maxing out in the low to mid 40s C with the humidex) and relatively short walks leave me drained.  Happy to have an air conditioned home gym, that's for sure!  D has a race coming up.  I don't know how he does it.  He says he prefers slugging it out in the heat.  Give me ice and snow any day...
  • Want to be inspired?  Find yourself a copy of "Into The Cold:  A Journey of the Soul" by Sebastian Copeland.  I've watched it twice in the last week when I've felt really tired.  Afterwards, I don't feel so tired after all.  I think I'm due for another viewing...
  • My mind keeps drifting back to my time in Barcelona...Right now I'm thinking of the ice cream place I wandered to on a Sunday afternoon.  Gelateria Caffetteria Italiana (Plaça Revolucio De Setembre De 1868)  Must get back there soon.  KLM, throw me a seat sale!  Oh yeah, this last trip blew my travel budget for the year...OK, maybe no seat sale then.  Don't want to be tempted!
  • The reason I've/we've been so busy as of late is that we're putting together a quick trip out west to really check things out from a career and housing front.  Different city from last year.  Actually the same one as my buddy (whose wife has had 4 more visits to the ER and yet another surgery since!  Unbelievable.) so we'll have a chance to catch up.  A bit of a whirlwind trip but hopefully in depth enough to answer some important questions and maybe lay some things to rest (I hate the feeling of not being present for extended periods of time).  I feel this process is necessary for D to come to terms with whether the possibilities that exist in his mind or have heard about are actually possible.  And it will give us a chance to decide if we even like it there.  It's going to have to take much more than money to move all that way.  The adventure has to be there.
  • Being not much of a TV watcher, D finally managed to talk me into giving a few series a go.  So I'm all caught up with "Breaking Bad" and "Homeland" (took months).  I just couldn't get into "Arrested Development".  Saw my first episodes of "Gray's Anatomy" in Barcelona (Yes, I'm a slow adapter for a lot of things) so we've been watching that as well, starting with season 5 because I couldn't imagine starting all the way from the beginning.  D was reluctant at first but has gotten into it. 
  • Finally saw some 3D movies.  Both of us have not so great memories of the old time paper glasses with the coloured lens so we had been going out of our way to avoid it.  Can definitely say we are converts now.  We saw "Star Trek into Darkness" and "Man of Steel" and enjoyed them both.  No issues with dizziness or nausea.  Could have used more popcorn.

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