Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yes it is Happening

In the "Wow, is this really happening" file, I have firmed up 3 "meet and greet"/interviews out west.  I can hardly believe it.  It has been 15 years since I first started searching for a place to work.  A couple of offices have said they are open to a part time arrangement.  The other one, not so much but their set up intrigues me so why not see it, right?  It's worth a couple of hours of my time.

We haven't talked money or any deep details.  I am not that concerned about it for now, funny enough.  Being that I haven't just stepped out of school, it isn't my abilities I question anymore, it is the fit.  My gut will tell me if I could exist there.  And right now, I'm leaving it as simple as that.  We could go back and forth spending a ton of time matching details when in the end, it comes down to whether both parties feel strongly enough to want to make something happen.  Who knows?  Maybe they'll think I'm too old!  Younger tends to mean cheaper.

Whereas the process of chronically searching and applying for positions is old hat for D.  He has been doing interviews by phone, video and has progressed to in person.  And we'll be there soon. 

I'm feeling a bit apprehensive as I don't really believe this move will happen even though I've spent a significant amount of time communicating and organizing.  Plus it takes a lot of energy to be "On".  I'm not convinced I want it as much as D.  Guess I'm waiting for the city and everything else to fall into place and convince me. 

A bit ashamed to admit this, but I'm more excited about getting together with my buddy and his family so how's that for priorities?  He has graciously rearranged his schedule to give me a "hit the ground running" type of tour of the city to help narrow our choices with respect to potential neighbourhoods during D's interviews.  Then D and I will be off to the Realtor. 

I sifted through dozens and dozens of real estate listings while D was doing his bike race (did really well for his first go at 160 km).  All I can say is thank goodness for Google Street view because some really nice homes are not on really nice uniform streets.  It's really hard to get your money out from a custom build when no one else on the street is thinking the same thing...The price of poker seems to be 500K+ for what I would call a fixed up older starter home (1500 sq ft).

D has promised me that he won't be springing anymore of these mid life work crisis searches on me having realized how seriously I take things -- Really, how long has he known me?  Why would I spend all that money to truck out there this soon after coming home from an already expensive trip unprepared?


  1. Which city are you considering? I just want to have a definitive offer with a formal relocation package put together this week, so we can figure out all of the details. It's crazy to try & even think how we're going to land this.

    Hope your trip goes well!

    1. For the sake of anonymity, I can say it is a major city in Western Canada. Of which we are only considering two provinces -- British Columbia & Alberta.

      Thanks and I hope the offer finalizes for you guys this week! Exciting times.

  2. Hi MW
    When i read the blog title I did think you had down something wild!

  3. It was wild indeed...more about it later.