Thursday, July 11, 2013

Broken Down

Our small appliances have been breaking down all over the place lately.  We now have a new iron, immersion blender and regular blender.  And the crock pot has developed a long crack... Is there some sort of rare planetary alignment going on??

And on top of all that, a day into my trip (trip report still to come, been too swamped to even think about it), I tugged a little too hard trying to get my ear bud headphones out of my purse and broke them.  Called Bose and it cannot be fixed because the wires they use would melt if you attempt to solder them.  But what they will do, is allow you to buy another pair for significantly less if you send in your old pair, which I have done.

Totally my fault.  The gentleman I spoke with thanked me for being honest.  What?!  It never even occurred to me not to be.  D says that speaks volumes of what they must hear all the time.   Even if my warranty wasn't over, I would never come up with some story to see if I could get them replaced for free.  Karma man.

I really miss them.  Using the headset from my new phone just doesn't cut it.  So I've resorted to my bigger noise cancelling ones from Bose and darned near over heated while working out.  Who knew over the ear style headsets are so good at trapping heat?  Very pleased to get the email telling me my new ones are on their way.  Man, I love that company.  Their customer service is tops.

I used Canada Post Expedited Service to mail my headset back and 80 - 90% of the time they are great.  Things get there in about 2 days.  So won't you know it, when I'm really really anxious about getting my stuff, they are late, 1 week late!  Turns out if you send via a method that guarantees delivery by a certain time and it didn't, you can request a credit for your fee.  Or that's how I read it.  We'll see shortly if that pans out. 

To balance out all the unexpected stuff that has come our way, I took another step towards bettering our health by adding a rowing machine to the home gym.  Wanted one for a long time but wanted to make sure I was getting good use of my treadmill and bike first.  Found it online used.  D's never used one before and am excited to give it a whirl.  I rowed for one summer while working at a camp for "gifted kids" way back when and loved it. 

Am not happy to report that I lost my first 500 m race to the computer when I thought I had won!  Obviously I wasn't tracking the correct boat on the screen...Was sore the next day so the racing accomplished something.  Game On Mr Computer.

After a bit of chasing UPS around (missed the delivery and they had to have someone over 19 sign for it...), I finally got my new ear bud headphones!  Listening to one of D's favourite tracks right now -- "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley.  These are the latest ones and sound better than my old set.  Hard to believe.  Incredible just how ridiculously happy great sound makes me feel.  Downright overwhelming.


  1. Hi MW
    I have had this sort of thing happen occasionally. pretty sure we buy quite a lot of things at once, maybe when moving house, and then they all die at once!

  2. Good observation Lizzie. I can't remember if they are all the same age but your reasoning makes a lot of sense!