Sunday, January 20, 2013

Food Update 2

In my haste yesterday I forgot to mention some important observations with respect to our food:
  • I find I cannot eat roast beef anymore.  The taste is too strong for me (D loves it).  It tastes a lot like venison (which I don't prefer).  So I lean to ground beef or stewing beef (the colour of them is deep deep red, like a burgundy wine) as cooking it with vegetables, herbs, spices, wine, makes for a more balanced taste for me. 
  • Love the pork roasts.  The taste is so full, quite amazing and the smell while it's cooking is exceedingly yummy.  Minimal spices needed for either type of roast, just sea salt and pepper.  And the fluid that does come out of the roast is clear and strong. 
  • Each batch of meat (any kind) tastes different (texture too).  Made us realize how accustomed we were to uniform food. 
  • Roasts come out better with the slow cooker than oven.  The meat is leaner and stronger so slow cooking works well and helps prevent premature dryness.  As D tends to like his beef rare, he had to get used to using lower temperatures and longer cooking times. 
  • The fat content of grass fed animals is higher in omega 3 & 6.  When we have cooled leftover fat from cooking bacon for example, it can be rinsed off the pan because it is more soluble vs needing to scrape it off with a paper towel or needing hot water to "melt" it.  Same with when you get it on your hands, less detergent needed.  Neat! 
  • Despite it being organic, I cannot eat ham roasts whereas I can eat bacon (can go through a pound without breathing hard.  D says one day he'd like to try some too...).  There is something in the roast that keeps me up at night.  It is as if I ate MSG which it doesn't have but there must be some other additive in it that is affecting me.  Mind you I get a lot done when I cannot sleep as I'm super alert but it's the next working day that kills me.
  • I can't seem to find a middle ground with respect to fish.  I love sashimi and deep fried halibut.  The in between pan fried fish (any kind) just doesn't do it for me, wild or not. 
  • There are cuts of meat and kinds of fruit and veggies I cannot get from our delivery service so I'll either go local if organic is not an option or I'll just go for it. 
  • Our pure food costs are in the $400 - $500/month range.

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