Monday, January 21, 2013

2013 Travel

We are one step away from firming up our travel for the year.  Crazy I know, as it is only Jan.  This year's theme is "more relaxed".  No running around to 3 different countries in 2 weeks doing recon work.  I'm ready to settle down and enjoy more.

Last year I over did it (using turning 40 as an excuse) and got pretty tired out.  Happy but weary.  This year will almost (one small exception) be the exact opposite.  We will be renting apartments and staying put.

First up will be the Czech Republic (solo trip).  My last international flight seat mate (older lady I had to help get up and down) I wrote about last year left such an indelible impression on me, I had to follow through to visit her home country. 

One point.  Don't get caught like me.  Flight sales in Jan tend to be cheaper than in Dec, no matter how convincing their advertising may be.  I could have paid $65 less for my flight had I waited a few weeks.  Not a huge amount but when optional upgrades to economy comfort class cost $268, it could have gone towards that. 

I know nothing about the Czech language so will do some very basic work before I depart.   D really wanted to come on this trip because of the beer...But he will not give up his last 10 days worth of skiing and the next trip for beer...

Until I started my research on Prague, I had no idea how much culture there was there.  I've already bought a ticket to see a ballet and am tempted to go to the opera as well. 

If I get really lucky, I may just be able to avoid a major European snow storm during my transit days.  CDG, LHR and AMS are having a "fun" time right now. 

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