Saturday, January 19, 2013

Food Update

We've had a month's worth of our new organic grocery service.  Long enough to be able to comment on the experience.  Overall it has made our lives easier.  Much time has been saved and when we do find ourselves at a supermarket, it is only for a small list of things. 

Choosing to buy organic pastured meat means we don't need to go back to where the meat is at the grocery store.  There is a minimum order so we have extra food in the fridge.  The quality and taste speaks for itself.  It would be very difficult to go back.  Not wishing to eat processed foods means we can bypass most of the middle of the store as well.

With veggies and fruit, we are using the "dirty dozen" and "clean 15" lists as a starting point.  We found with our particular service, it was cheaper to buy most organic veggies and fruit at the organic section of the supermarket than through them.  And we have also found more choice at the store vs online.  So we stopped getting their weekly produce boxes.

Our eating has become simpler and better.  Portions have shrunk because we are feeling full faster.  Makes paying the extra for better food less pricey.  We have also found we don't need to snack much at all -- Higher nutritional quality we believe.  We now time our big cooking days around delivery weeks.  It has meant better and more consistent lunches for D and I.

When we were out west, it was easier to find good food.  British Columbia is known for healthy living so organic supermarkets etc are a dime a dozen.  Prices were slightly higher but they always seem to be.  Since we've committed to this course, I don't blink at the cost because the taste and how it makes us feel makes it worth it. 

This summer, we are looking forward to visiting more farms.  I've been compiling a list.  It will make for some great weekend drives.  I want to buy some pastured poultry.  Because of my soy allergy, even organic chickens and turkeys are out because they get fed soy in their feed. 

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