Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Educational Trends?

D's friends' kids are pretty much all about to go to or already are at University.  Whereas my friends' kids are much younger reflecting the difference in career options of the parents as well as our age differences (D is 45, I am 40).  Ongoing conversations about parenthood has garnered some trends in education "norms" that have surprised us.

It seems like all of D's friends have accepted that one degree is no longer adequate in today's work world, regardless of program of choice.  They have already geared up for the extra educational costs.  None of their kids will have to pay a dime towards their education nor are they required to get a part time job throughout the school year.  Most of them have chosen out of province or country schools. 

In Canada, where public education is subsidized by the government, parents are currently paying in the vicinity of 22K a year (includes residence but no spending money etc).  We know a family of twins who started this year and despite their good dual incomes, have had to dip into their lines of credits to pay their Sept bill as fees are required to be paid in full.

On my side, parents with younger kids have them in a myriad of activities and they tell me it is costing 1K per kid per month to keep them in golf, hockey, dance and various camps.  Not to mention the amount of driving and divided family time during the week and weekends on top of hotel and gasoline costs. 

We often get tired just listening to all the tournament and competition locations our friends get to go to each week.  They thought once full time daycare was a thing of the past they'd have some financial breathing room, but nope. 

Let me be clear and say none of the kids mentioned above are performing or competing at a high level.  We are talking recreation here.  Other than one parent whose son won a sports scholarship to an Ivy League school where the financial output to get there was many many times beyond the above, all the families we know are doing what is considered "normal" in our neck of the woods. 

To be cont'd...

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