Thursday, October 18, 2012

Art Class Characters

It is an eclectic mix of people in our art class.  Six of us who have various jobs/careers.  One retired lady and the remainder, all full time art students.  With any new group, we are likely scouting each other out wondering what the respective stories are and who is capable of what.  At least I am. 

I thought we'd be asked to introduce ourselves on the first night but it never happened.  Been out of school too long to know what is done nowadays.  So I am still not sure what everyone's names are (names are not my forte to being with).  People are friendly enough so lots of "hellos", which is fine.  The class is pretty much silently sketching for most of the 3 hours so not conducive to conversation anyways.

Depending upon the subject matter, we are either in a room with the oldest drafting tables I've ever seen or in a room with large desks covered with drawing mats.  It's great to see all the art work featured on the walls.  Very inspiring.  Some people have real talent.

One fellow in the class caught my attention early, not because he was consistently late but because he is an architect and I wanted to find out more about what he is working on.  I've seen him work on floor plan renderings in class time which were obviously his work. 

After a couple classes, he stopped keeping to himself and started wandering around, looking at everybody's work.  It didn't seem to bother him that he was the only one doing so.  So we finally made contact but not long enough for me to find out what type of architecture he did for a living. 

As art is quite personal to me, I've never been a fan of someone standing beside me staring so whenever he came into my work area I'd ask him if he was looking for something or if I was in his way etc.  I'm happy to discuss my drawing but he just smiles and says no.  (I'm starting to get over it a bit as the instructor has asked all of us to start going around to see how differently everyone approached drawing.)

And of course there is always one person who monopolizes the instructor's time.  And one who broods and dresses like an "artist".  And ones who "know it all" and openly flaunts their sketch pads and art materials and speaks in a way that makes me think it would be difficult for them to get a date. 

And when it came right down to it, the "braggy" ones aren't as "great" as their body language puts out and have since mellowed.  I know what you're thinking -- Look who's talking, the trouble maker from first class...   :  )

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