Friday, February 17, 2012

Travel Languages

I'm not leaving anything to chance this time. When D and I went to Berlin, I left it up to D to learn enough useful German.

When push came to shove, D froze and started speaking French which didn't get us very far. I don't want a repeat of the stress of putting together words from our phrase book trying to book a cab for 5 am.

People told him he needn't bother because everyone spoke English. Not true. We didn't meet anyone who spoke English to us. Not even the cab drivers. And the restaurants we went to didn't have English menus.

I've used those "All Audio" courses before with success and I've started with the German one. D has decided to use Rosetta Stone. Between the both of us, we ought to be more successful this time around when we get to Munich.

Because we'll be heading back to Amsterdam too, I also want to learn some Dutch too. D's passing on this one. I managed to order french fries in Dutch the last time but failed miserably with ordering an ice cream cone.


  1. In Holland, they really do all speak English. But better than the English. I met a girl from Holland when we lived in Greece and knew her for six months until I realized she wasn't English

  2. I think we must really come across as Dutch because the people we met have been surprised we don't speak well at all. Perhaps they were being kind :)