Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Work Lessons

The two weeks out west has taught D & I some lessons. Neither of us enjoyed him working from home full time.

It could be an issue of space as our spot there is very small and there is no relief for ourselves from each other when his work gets tense. Plus it has potential of ruining the whole environment. You don't want to associate a great place with stress.

One solution will involve D taking holiday time while we are out for 50% of it. It will affect rest of the year vacation allotment and will translate into D going to Europe once a year vs. twice. I think he is OK with it as he loves to ski.

Another idea we are considering is buying another small unit in the same building so our living space will be split into sleeping unit and working/socializing area.

This idea only makes sense if we aren't planning on moving out permanently.

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