Thursday, February 16, 2012

Funny Story

I got to meet some of D's ski buddies and one of them had a great story to share. He was on a plane home from a business meeting and the company had paid for him to fly business class.

He was in the aisle and some other guy was sitting by the window. During boarding, he noticed that the flight attendants were overly attentive to the fellow by the window. He just figured maybe that is just how things were in business class.

When general boarding occurred, he saw many people stop and look. D's friend thought maybe his fly was open or he had spilled food on his shirt but neither was the case.

The last straw was when a flight attendant asked the fellow by the window whether he'd like to watch the landing in the cockpit. This was pre-911.

So he asked the fellow what his name was.

He replied, "Matt Damon".

To which D's friend said, "So, what do you do?"

"I'm an actor."

"What movies have you been in? Anything I would know?"

"Good Will Hunting, Bourne..."


And they proceeded to have a nice conversation for the duration of the short flight from Boston to Toronto until it was time for the cockpit viewing.

When D's friend got home and told his wife, she freaked out, as would have I.

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