Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I've spent some time looking at this site by Hurtigruten. Their trips to Greenland are inspirational! A place I'm looking forward to visiting someday.

But first thing is first. I'm going to complete my visits to Scandinavia with a trip to Norway this summer. Planning to do some hiking and will likely be moved to take many many pictures as I sail through the fjords. Wish this trip could have included Svalbard. (I want to see an Ice Bear...)

This will be my "big" trip for 2012. Big referring to cost. Scandinavia isn't known to be cheap. But at least I will only need one currency.


  1. Hi MW.
    I sponsor one of those bears. Look out for one the grrrrs with an English accent when you finally add it to you list.

  2. I visited Norway in 1989. LOVED it. You'll have a wonderful time! I'm jealous...or is it envious? :P

  3. Will do Lizzie!

    I'm pretty excited! Also thinking neither -- just bringing back great memories!