Tuesday, February 14, 2012

West Coast Cost

Happy Valentine's Day! Can you believe D and I couldn't find any Cinnamon hearts at the mall? Maybe they just aren't popular anymore?

We spent a day in town grocery shopping as well as checking out one particular neighbourhood in our research of potential places to move to. There was going to be an open house in the afternoon.

Here's what we concluded. The walk ability of the neighbourhood was great. Everything we use on a weekly basis is within a 15 min radius. We would be getting more in terms of specialty grocers.

The curb appeal was OK. The developments were in a transition zone between commercial and residential.

We both loved the "west coast" architecture. There were 2 bedroom, 2 bath 1450 sq ft condos with outside balconies/patios ranging from 450 - 1400 sq ft. The outside spaces and interior light were fantastic. Pricing started at $364000 with condo fees around $260/month.

Should we wish for single family homes, the prices would be in the $450000 - $700000 for a 3 bedroom, 2 or 3 bath with a double car garage (starter home) in a nice area. Nice area meaning near or part way up a mountain, golf course, winery.

So we would be up sizing in price and downsizing in space. Living up at the resort would be at least $150000 cheaper. Now we know what the price of poker is.

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