Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Passport Renewal & Health Checks

I decided to renew my passport sooner than originally planned because I had the time last week. In anticipation of future travel plans requiring tourist visas, I requested a passport book with extra pages for $5 more than the regular price.

It ended up costing me $92. Money well spent, in my opinion. Total came to just over $100 including my passport photos. And I'm good for another 5 years. I chose to keep my cancelled passport as a souvenir.

This past week was full of appointments. I got my teeth cleaned and my eyes checked (finally!) after 5 yrs. Teeth and eyes are both good -- Phew!

We are really lucky to have extended health care that covers 80% of most check ups. My eye exam cost $98 and my teeth check and clean came to $99.

My final Naturopathic appointment is this week. I started eating the foods I've avoided the past 5 months to see what effect they have. Eggs and dairy do bring on nasal allergies within a couple of hours so now I know.


  1. $99 is very cheap for a dental exam. Which province you live in? It's around 200-250 in Ontario.

  2. Hi Corina;

    I live in Ontario. My exam didn't include xrays this yr. Just cleaning, scaling, polishing (by my hygenist) and check up by my dentist. I think xrays last year cost another $25 -30.