Thursday, March 1, 2012


I'm pretty pleased with how my business procedures are right now. It's quite efficient. Over the last 3 months I've managed to shave off another couple of hours from the admin section, making it 6 hours/week.

Over 95% of people make their appointment online which cuts my phone time way back. When it comes time to renew my cell phone plan, I'm choosing a much smaller one for sure which will help reduce my business costs.

As much as some people like to complain about the inefficiencies of our government departments, I must say, those comments do not seem to apply to the passport division. My new passport came back today! That was fast (under 2 weeks!).

Next I will be updating my Nexus card info and supplying it to the airlines for my various upcoming trips. It seems like everyone needs your info in advance nowadays.


  1. Oh! I was wondering if I should get a Nexus card as opposed to a new passport, but as I only make one or two trips to the US each year - for fun - I wasn't certain it would be worth it. It's more a convenience if you're making regular trips, isn't it?

  2. The biggest benefit for us ironically isn't going to the US.

    It is coming home to Canada (direct or via US) from overseas where you can use the Nexus or Global Entry machines to bypass those frequently huge passport control lines.

    We haven't yet, but are looking forward to the easier boarder crossing via car.

  3. Interesting! I hadn't thought of that aspect of it, but that works. Like my British passport works to bypass those ridiculous lineups entering Europe. Definitely something to think about.

    And thank you for your support on my school decision! I appreciate it. How funny the decision was made for me. Better in a way, as it's likely I'd be back and forth about it for months and miss the deadlines entirely.

    My canal boat will be somewhere in the UK. I haven't got that far yet, apart from searching out narrowboat sales sites.

  4. Lucky you for having a British Passport! There is no way I can get around those crazy lines.

    I just stand there huffing and puffing in frustration until I end up talking to the people around me.

    I love the canal boat idea. We had considered renting one for a week long vacation one time.

    Going back to school is a dream of mine too. I'm so happy you'll be able to realize yours soon. I believe in signs!