Monday, November 21, 2011

Travel Priviledges

Whenever I take a flight where I am expecting to earn points, I keep an eye out for the points to show up in my account.

This last flight turned out to be extra special because I have finally managed to reach a frequent flyer status whereby I get free upgrades and early boarding privileges.

Not having to pay to be in business class is a big deal to me, especially the eastbound leg when I'm hoping to get some sleep. Getting reduced rates for preferential seats in economy comfort class is great.

Not having to weed my way through the throngs of people who are standing there by the check in aisles when their rows haven't been called yet would be excellent.

I am anxiously awaiting my luggage tag to arrive in the mail. D is pretty excited too because my companion gets to receive the same privileges. He hasn't flown enough yet but eventually he will.

We are still fairly young and are committed to more travel in our futures. He is rationing the last of the Turkish delight supposedly until I return to buy him some more...

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