Sunday, November 20, 2011

Making an Effort

D and I were registered to this event next week and we found out it has been cancelled. We've been to a number of this type of speaking event before and really enjoyed ourselves. The caliber of the speakers are high.

The very first one I attended Mark Burnett opened the day. Was he ever funny. I had no idea he served undercover with the military and was so accomplished. Had I not heard him speak, I'd never end up reading his books. They are entertaining.

This weekend we are making an effort to drive out to local produce markets. A large part of what appeals to us in France is the availability of outdoor fruit and veggie markets. We go everyday and pick out food that is ready for eating that day.

Here at home, we tend to buy in larger quantities and is without charm. In order for us to integrate more European habits into our lives we have to make an effort. Because distances can be far, we will have to drive and organize our day accordingly.

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