Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Settling Down?

I spent the day tweaking my spreadsheet for 2012. It is the first full year of my working part time. Each work day is responsible for a portion of my taxes, monthly credit card bill, rent and savings.

When I put in known holiday times some juggling has to occur so that I can make my time sensitive payments. This year was full of taking advantage of travel deals which required a lot of spreadsheet shifting.

I'm expecting next year to be calmer which ought to mean more money in my bank account.

So far, it is looking like 90 total working days compared to 105 for this year. I don't expect income to vary too much but you never know until you are into it.

We are slowly settling into a yearly life that is calmer and cost effective (relative to our particular lifestyle). There is something peaceful about it.

I think I maybe starting to settle down a bit. And it doesn't sound or feel like the bad word I used to think it was.

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