Thursday, November 24, 2011

Future Plans

A few weeks ago I mentioned how D had a parallel job opportunity. He had a quick interview and was "accepted" but his current manager has decided not to let him go citing the 2 yr regulation thing.

D has only been officially full time for 1 1/2 yr. We were hoping they would count the months we was contract. Next year he will be able to consider moving to a different department, one with more growth potential.

The manager who offered the opportunity says there will be a place for him when the 6 months is up. Fingers crossed for that.

Now that the count down to Christmas has begun our family calendar has suddenly started to fill up. The hype is in the air!

As we aren't heading out west for Christmas this year (I'm working past the pre-Xmas seat sale dead line which translates to almost double for flights), we are keeping our whereabouts hush hush because we don't want to be busy. We will likely hide out at the cottage. I'd like to give snow shoeing a try.

Happy US Thanksgiving!

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