Friday, November 25, 2011

More Work News

D's yearly review just happened. They are happy with his work. He will need to travel once a month next year for a day or so. He got the OK to work another day at home making it Mon/Wed/Fri which works really well for us. Even with my higher cost of gasoline we are coming under or the same compared to when I had my old car.

D will be getting a small raise (highlight small as he is already at top of his pay grade) as well as a bonus. We won't know the numbers until Dec sometime. We are still waiting for the value of his pension to show up. Apparently it magically appears online when you sign into the benefit part of your profile.

I'm still feel strange about the "ownership" aspect of D to his manager/team. As I have no corporate experience, I don't know if that is normal or not. All I know is that it makes me feel weird as I'm enough of a control freak to not want to feel "owned".

I understand that it would be chaotic if people are changing around all the time but from what I hear from D, most people he works with have been doing the same job for 25 plus years. Honestly, I would have happy if I can make it for another 10.

Continuing with my spreadsheet, I have 2013 all set up. It looks a lot like 2012 which I feel is good. I've written up all my rent cheques for 2012. One less thing to remember. My licencing and liability insurance fees are due Jan 1st 2012 and post dated cheques have also been written.

I have the option to pay monthly but I don't want to pay extra for that and I'm not going make any significant money letting it sit in a bank account so I might as well pay it off and live with a real bottom line.

Whereas my association dues do not penalize for monthly payment so I didn't bother changing it from the way it was set up years ago when I couldn't afford to pay in one lump sum.

When I tell people who ask that it cost an equivalent of insuring 2 - 3 cars (as I'm part time now) just to be able to work, they are often taken back. I'm not unique and I'm sure that is a small number compared to dentists and anesthetists. But there is potential to make a good amount of money so that's why people do it.

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