Saturday, November 26, 2011

Computer Update

Well, my 2nd replacement computer battery arrived and my computer likes it!

All diagnostics checked out and I'm relieved. As much as I'd love a new computer, I'm happier not having to spend the money right now especially when all the money we've been putting into the investment markets have magically disappeared...

By the way, my visit to see the latest MacBook Air went really well. D reluctantly admitted he was impressed and it was the clear choice amongst everything else that was there at Best Buy.

We surprisingly liked the 11.6 in version when in my mind I had thought for sure the 13.3 in was the one. There is only a $100 difference between the 11.6 inch 128GB and the 13.3 inch 128 GB so it comes down to size and weight (1 1/2 pds less than my current 13.1 inch laptop) and it won out.

Screen wise you see very similar amounts of material which is pretty impressive. Typing felt normal and processor speed was great.

It's another market day for us. Last weekend we learned to remind ourselves to get some cash out of our food account as we are so used to paying for groceries by debit or credit card.

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