Sunday, November 27, 2011

Frustrating Friends

I'm going through a rough time with a few of my girlfriends. One is lonely and angry and want help but says she is happy and loves everything. How do you work with that?

Life can be happy and nice and when it truly matches what's really going on inside, it is congruent and beautiful. When you lie to yourself in the effort to be "positive", you are not fooling anyone and it is exhausting to be around because their is nothing more to be said, is there?

Fulfilling lives come in all shapes and sizes. But sitting around trying to stay all positive and such will not result in a happy life dropping from the sky onto your lap. Part of the beauty of where we are in the world is the ability to dream up and create the life you want. We are free here. Why not exercise it?

The other girlfriend believes and lives by the idea that any comment "against" them/their ideals/goals is "judgement" and therefore to be ignored. But what if the comment is to help them improve on an idea? A very teenage view of life that is costing her a ton of money.

Taking a "positive" approach to life as well as keeping "focused" on a goal are basically alright beliefs if done in moderation. Admitting something isn't working is very valuable because telling yourself the truth is valuable. It opens the door to change and improvement.

This year more than others I'm seeing the gap between myself and them. I have less patience with the same old stories as I have continued to grow and realize my goals and dreams.

We all get into rough patches from time to time but when it has turned into a lifestyle, it's downright depressing. I'm going to make less of an effort to stay in contact from now on as I need more inspirational input.

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