Wednesday, September 7, 2011

World Climates

Not only is world weather seeming more and more extreme, so are its people, especially in Europe.

Today I read of the large scale union strike in Rome which disrupted many modes of transport as a reaction to proposed austerity measures. They follow in the footsteps of Greece, Spain and Portugal and others I haven't know about.

As a person who isn't the biggest fan of change, especially ones imposed by an outside source, I can understand the backlash. But I am also a realist. If I cannot afford something, I cannot afford something. No issue with voicing displeasure but I would also be planning for the worst at the same time.

And if something I've been able to enjoy (like education or health care in Canada, for example) can no longer be heavily or totally subsidized by government monies, then I would budget for it should I still wish it in my life.

A two tiered system already exists. In Canada, if I wanted to see a Naturopath, I have to pay out of pocket because my extended health insurance doesn't cover it 100%. Heck, if someone wanted to have an consultation with me, same thing.

If I wanted to eat organic food, I pay more. It's pretty much drilled into our psyches that most if not all new jobs nowadays just don't come with defined benefit pension plans anymore. And government held plans aren't totally to be relied upon.

So what do we do? Increase our self reliance. Our ability to cut costs and live on less when needed is a powerful trait. It cuts out the whining and complaining that come from the feeling of entitlement and the belief that the only direction is up.

I sent away my travel cancellation package today. Going through the process will be educational. If the current economic and politial climates continue in areas I intent to visit, I may need to call on such insurance policies in the future.

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