Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Bought It

My new TV is on its way. There was a Labour Day online sale at Best Buy and the TV I had my eye on was part of this sale at $130 off what we saw yesterday, with free shipping.

A moderately long discussion ensued and I decided if I was serious about it, this is the best price we have seen this year. The other option is to continue to wait as eventually newer models come out and older ones go on sale.

That can be said of most if not all electronics. So I went for it. I paid $499 (+ 13% tax) for an LG 42" 1080p 120 Hz LCD TV.

I will need to buy a DVD player and a wall mount. That will likely happen tomorrow night after supper. My old TV (19" Toshiba CRT) will not be thrown out or given away. It will have another job.

In other news I finished putting together the package for the travel insurance company regarding my cancelled trip. I'm going to send it via trackable means so I can be sure it arrived. Fingers crossed my claim will be considered valid.


  1. I'd rather be sailingSeptember 6, 2011 at 11:20 PM

    Back from an amazing 3 week sailing trip in the North Channel and catching up on missed posts. Couple of comments...

    Backpacks... I see you already bought one... did you check out the selection at Mountain Equipment Coop. MEC has lots of interesting stuff.

    Grey hair... my wife started with one, then two then came the onslaught... rather than fight it, she embraced it and I may be biased but I think she looks beautiful with her thick grey locks.

    Before you go down the road of adding colour... you might read the book 'Slow Death by Rubber Duck' an interesting if somewhat technical read on some of the more prevalent toxins we expose ourselves to through everyday household products.

    I also noted your health goal was to 'Detox - again' While lounging at various secluded anchorages, I managed to read 'Clean' by Alejandro Junger, MD. You may find it interesting (if you haven't already read it and are thinking of doing another Detox.

    Congrats to D on his purchase of the coffee maker. There is a little coffee shop in Little Current that has as their slogan (on T-shirts) 'Life is too short for bad coffee'

    ... and I tend to agree with them.

    A speedy recovery to you on your shoulder... may it heal quickly.

  2. @I'd rather be sailing;

    Thank you for the book tips. I will check them out! Both are available at our local library!

    My current method of detox is via a homeopathic remedy, nothing too dramatic.

    We will be going through Barrie soon and they have a new MEC there. I haven't taken the tags off my pack yet so I'm definitely open to options.

    I don't want to think of the onslaught...

    Work was ok yesterday, with about a 30% shoulder irritation. It's getting there.

    Have a great day!