Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pros & Cons of Cruising


  • unpacking once

  • lots to eat

  • sailing to places vs bus or train or plane is really relaxing

  • cover a lot of distance in a relatively short time

  • lots of cities were built by the water for transport/trade purposes so lends itself to this style of travel

  • clean environment

  • makes you realize just how little you need in terms of space and things

  • hotel like service

  • lots of places where you don't encounter even 5 people

  • opportunity to dress up

  • laundry services

  • great overview of many countries

  • ships are amazing feats of engineering

  • lots of exercise classes to choose from

  • efficient check in & out

  • all age ranges

  • travelling with so many people made me even more determined to avoid the tourist traps as they can get over runned

  • forces you to really prepare for the ports because you don't have days to find your way around

  • locations where you'd otherwise need a Visa, like St Petersburg or Turkey you are covered by the ship's Visa


  • lots of people around top deck where the pools are -- that's where the "action" is

  • spa is pricey-- $95US for 1 hr massage

  • certain ports do require you purchase excursions

  • excursion cost add up

  • announcements can be loud

  • getting to and from the ship can be far and difficult to do on your own

  • easy to over eat

  • stateroom and dining attendants can be over attentive

  • sea sickness if sailing over rough seas or if susceptible

  • lots of people at meal times

  • lots of examples of fellow passengers over indulging (food)

  • your room key as your charge card can tempt one to spend more

Over all I found it a really neat way to travel. I am still happy to have seen so many harder to reach places for a fraction of time and cost of doing my own itinerary. I would consider taking a cruise again.

The cruise line I sailed with (Royal Caribbean) was I think considered middle of the road service and price wise. Some higher class lines offer pretty impressive 30 - 60 day itineraries that would be quite something to experience.

I'm not sure I would bother with a more expensive cruise line as I see this mode of travel as not much different than a place to sleep and eat. It just gets me to places I want to see in comfort.

There were a good number of people who would come back onto the ship for lunch or dinner (at late dept ports). I didn't get that. For me, what I look forward to on a trip is to try out the local food. Most of my spending money goes to those experiences.

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