Friday, September 9, 2011

Back to AC

Because of my bonus new fall trip, I have decided to work an extra week to make up part of the time I will be away.

D & I have been talking about not going out west for Christmas this year and do 2 outings during the winter instead.

The benefits of doing that is much less travel volume as well as potentially lower flight costs and better ski conditions. I will miss the Christmas spirit of the place though so this experiment may be a one of.

A surprising turn of events where flights are concerned. I haven't flown Air Canada for a long time. Their prices, my losing a bunch of Aeroplan miles way back, didn't endear me to them.

All of a sudden I find myself with not just one but potentially 3 flights with AC in the next 5 months.

My next trip requires I connect in Rome early in the morning. My usual companies of Delta/KLM/Air France cannot get me there on time. Alitalia can but at the cost of my arm so I passed. But AC came through!

AC is also coming through on flights out west. Westjet, our normal carrier has changed their flight schedules such that coming home with them will involve a good amount of pain. D will be making the final decisions for this leg.

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