Saturday, September 10, 2011

D's Advice

D gave me great advice when he suggested I'd better buy my flight with AC. For the past few years we have been able to count on drastic fare reductions in the early fall, about 1 month before travel.

Nothing so far this month. In fact prices have risen a couple of hundred dollars since last week.

KLM just announced their late fall/winter sale prices and save a couple of places, all prices are in the 4 digits. Those fares aren't going to entice anyone. Have we reached the end of "cheap" travel?

I never thought I would hear myself say this but I am mentally feeling the effects of all the transatlantic flights I've taken this year. There are 4 more to go before the end of the year and I'm not actively searching for more.

In other news my TV is expected to arrive today. It will likely take D a bit of time to get it mounted and all the cords attached. It's our first LCD TV.

The back story behind the TV purchase had to do with me finding a used 22" CRT for sale ($25) on our local online classified ads.

D Absolutely Freaked Out at the thought of me going there and buying it and refused to help move or set it up if I did. I was going to offer them $20 if it looked/worked alright.

In my mind it was an upgrade since my current one was 19". And if it was in as excellent a condition as the owner said it was (they also lived in a nice part of town), it would do the job.

I was told to get with the times, get off my wallet, no one buys a tube TV anymore, he'd rather I buy nothing than to buy that, how embarrassing it would look, how ridiculously heavy they are, how much room they take up...did I get all of it D?

The irony of the whole thing? He accused me of acting like an old person. This coming from a dude who frequently makes references to sayings and events that I have no idea what he's talking about and more often than not, pre-dates my birth!

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