Sunday, August 28, 2011

Travel Insurance

I just found out there is a chance I may qualify for trip cancellation insurance benefits.

The last time I claimed anything from insurance policies was over a decade ago when my first laptop's power cord died prematurely.

My experience with the claims adjuster/adjudicator was really good. All I had to do was to prove my purchase and send them a copy of the note saying it cannot be repairable and they will reimburse me for the new one.

Part of my credit card benefits is travel cancellation/interruption. When it was suggested to me to find out, I called and spoke to a nice fellow who is sending me a package to fill out. Someone else will decide if I would be eligible for anything.

Though not related to my shoulder issue, the closing of JFK due to hurricane Irene may work in my favour too. It would be a neat bonus if I qualified to get some monies back.

In the meantime I am enjoying my staycation.

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  1. Travel insurance is very important while traveling. It helps you to insure security to your luggage ans security to the cancellation and delay of your flights. It helps you ti insure you complete security if any miss-happening happen to you during traveling. So i want to suggest all the individuals that they should go for travel insurance before traveling.